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Embedded Systems

In today’s fast developing world, where the Internet of Things and industry 4.0 are essential key factors. One cannot even think of having systems that do not require embedded hardware and software. Applications for flying objects, robots in water or land are our main focus. Also sensor systems for industrial applications have been developd by us.

We provide in house embedded systems solutions, whether water tight or ultra light. We use the latest processors and sensors. Wireless systems are no issue for us, since we have developd our own wireless protocols for different bandwidths. This assures that the systems developed can be used world wide.

Our expertise includes:

  • AVR, ARM, ST and AtMega Processors
  • IMU Sensor Systems (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Pressure)
  • IR Communication
  • Wireless Communication (BlueTooth, WLan, ZigBee, JNtec Protocol)
  • Wireless connections with your computer & Wireless Programming of your Embedded System
  • Indoor Localization
  • On board image processing
  • Real time monitoring
  • Power Management for battery controlled systems

We are specialized in rapidly prototyping these systems.