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Like the SmartBird the eMotionButterflies are flying solely by the propulsion of the wings


The eMotionButterflies are a unique creation of its kind, as they are ultralight and flying solely by the propulsion of the wings. A unique propulsion system and control of actor is one of our embedded onboard systems. The elegant flapping of the wings is controlled by the on board software.


They are flying autonomously, as they are radio-controlled by our SkyTrack Software, which localises the eMotionButterflies at millimetre precision 160 times per second. The eMotionButterflies are flying in a controlled area like a small swarm.
Usually, four butterflies are flying simultaneously. However, a lot more butterflies are tracked at the same time.

  • Initially shown at the Hannover Fair in April 2014 and now worldwide for Festo
  • JNTec developed all electronics and programming for system integration. Additionally, the SkySpirit System is used for automatic control of the eMotionButterflies.