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Future Energy Expo, Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan
Future Energy Expo 2017
“17 head of states were present”


In 2017 SkySpirit has been a part of the big opening ceremony show for the Future Energy Expo in Astana.
With 18 autonomous flying orbs, we were part of the main production of this beautiful show. The goal of this show about Future Energy was to stage the genesis of the solar system.

Our 18 radio-controlled orbs and planets made an incredible show which stunned spectators and political leaders from all around the world.

Filling the whole space, ten flying planets have followed their trajectory with millimetre accuracy in a pre-programmed choreography in front of a 30-meter widescreen.

All orbs were controlled autonomously, interacted precisely with artists on stage and the lighting of the show.

While this Expo was being held in Astana 17 Presidents of the world were present at this event.


    • Date: June 10th, 2017
    • Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
    • 18 autonomous orbs as a planetary system