Precise 3D-Tracking


SkyTrack is a precise motion capture system, that can track any objects in small and very large environments.

Whether you want to track

  • human motion
  • industrial robots
  • tracking tools
  • or our own designed dronobots (customized DRONes or rOBOTS in the air, land and water)
  • and all of their movements

then SkyTrack is the right choice for you.

Individuality One of the biggest advantages is, that we can provide fully customized solutions. All software, hardware and electronic components can be fully altered to fit your needs. We make the impossible possible for you!

Why choose SkyTrack

  • millimeter accuracy
  • adaptable to different requirements
  • adaptable to different objects
  • huge coverage - up to 100 meters distance to the cameras!
  • low latency
  • ultra light markers
  • fast calibration
  • no interfence with other illumination