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SkySpirit is the new dimension of arts and entertainment. SkySpirit is a universal and modular plattform, that enables objects in water, land and in the air to be tracked and precisely controlled. This system unleashes a new spirit into the world.

SkySpirit can be synchronised to

  • choreographies
  • human movement or detection
  • on board light effects
  • projectors and moving lights
  • musical movements
  • video effects
  • projections on objects

Do you have a great idea, involving any of the above mentioned purposes or all of them? SkySpirit is the right platform for you! We can provide solutions for your ideas and guide you on how to incorporate SkySpirit into your events


  • first and only system that controls helium objects world wide
  • control a swarm of objects
  • adaptable to different objects
  • huge coverage
  • remarkable show experience